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Digital marketing that sells and makes brands loveable.

Radically creative content custom-made for your audience.

Data-driven strategies crafted by experienced pros that guarantee your goals are reached in unexpected ways.

We are The Wurst Agency, the full-service digital marketing agency for companies and people that can’t stand any more of the blah, blah, boring content and advertising, and are as passionate as us at waking up audiences with bold and unexpected stories.

Social media marketing is our signature dish – especially TikTok.
From custom-made strategy and creative development, to performance marketing, content production, campaign and account management. We've taken many brands viral on socials. Channels we make brands loveable on include: TikTok, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Our TikTok Services
Our Social Media Marketing Services

With our audience-centric approach, we produce (social media short form and high production) video, photography, illustration, animation, audio content, visual design, and copywriting – if it’s content, we do it. We create content optimized for all digital platforms, including social media, blogs, newsletters, and digital publications.

Our video production services

We’ll create a dynamic paid social media or Google ad strategy that gets your brand seen by the right people in the right place. With a full-funnel approach, we help brands scale and sell by bringing data-driven decisions and creativity together.

Our professionals in the team provide fresh perspectives and data- and experience-backed insights as part of our digital marketing and creative consultation services.

Bounce your creative ideas off of us, or we’ll take care of developing freshly baked concepts for you.

Tell us where you want to go, and we’ll develop a strategy to get you there.

We spend A LOT of time understanding audiences and keeping ahead of digital marketing trends, so you don’t have to.

With things changing rapidly, we can help you stay ahead of your competitors and build long-term, sustainable marketing strategies.

We’ll craft a data-backed strategy that delivers the results you want, whether it’s awareness, leads, or sales.

We empower creators and brands with clever, focused, and original influencer marketing campaigns.

We’re a different kind of full-service Influencer marketing outfit, with a focus on developing disruptive and surprising campaigns and building long-term relationships with top-level creators and influencers.

We take care of every step, from strategy and concept development to overseeing the campaign until it comes time to report its success.

Your KPIs and objectives are the core of your tailor-made campaign design at The Wurst.

Upskill your marketing team, or yourself, with one of our training workshops. We’ve shared our insider digital marketing knowledge in hundreds of workshops to date.

Workshop focuses include TikTok marketing, introduction to the metaverse, social media marketing, digital marketing strategy development, storytelling, and content production.

Pull back the curtain of hype to understand what the metaverse is all about, and how your company could leverage it as a space for marketing, now and into the future.

We know how to make podcasts that audiences love – the fact that one of our in-house podcasts was amongst the top 20 podcasts in Austria within a year of launch is proof of this.

With our high-quality audio content production services and marketing expertise, we’ll make sure your podcast stands out in a crowded digital landscape.

Our Podcast Production Services

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