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This agency was born out of a magazine that people love. Companies started to approach us at the magazine to make content for them. And we were like, ‘sure!’

So, our portfolio speaks for itself – we tell stories that grab attention & give brands a personality their target audience can relate to.

Our fresh & no-schmarrn approach to content production & strategy ALWAYS begins with the audience, and with us honestly answering the question – what will help this client break through the noise?


FAQs at The Wurst Agency

How did we begin?

The unexpected is what makes good content. The Wurst Agency had an unexpected beginning.

At the end of 2014, Vienna’s English-speaking magazine, Vienna Würstelstand, was launched. Its community quickly grew to 60,000 within just a few years. We can only put its rapid growth down to one thing – the uncompromisingly fresh and quality content the magazine was publishing, and the editorial team’s electrified passion to produce it.

This dedication to publishing only sticky, high quality content led to brands approaching us and asking if we could do the same for them as what we were doing with Vienna Würstelstand – produce content that attracted eyeballs. Thus, The Wurst Agency was born.


What does this company believe in?

We now work with brave brands that inspire us, and that believe in the same as we do – creative content that resonates authenticity with its audience brings brands closer to the community they’re looking to speak to, and delivers their message in a human way.


Who have we created and worked with?

Since the agency’s launch, we’ve worked with clients from an oddball mix of industries, from producing online videos for banks, to creating content that stands out on social media channels we manage for social fashion and gastronomy businesses.

No matter if the client is a big, small, or medium-sized company, we always treat them as part of the team (and our team has a lot of fun).

Just take a look at our portfolio.


What’s the most important thing we’ve learned in our experience?

One thing we learned early on is that behind every successful content marketing campaign is a focused and target-driven content strategy. This means that just as much time is invested in doing the research and learning for an effective content strategy, as the time we invest in creating.

While we are driven to little sleep by the excitement involved in the creative side of content, we also enjoy the testing and learning phase that plays a part in any worthwhile content campaign.

If you’re interested in learning more of the little gold knowledge nuggets we’ve picked up about the content game, you should check out The Wurst Agency content diaries blog.


What can a client expect when working with The Wurst Agency?

Honesty and a no-schmarrn approach. We’ve been known to advise potential clients to invest their money elsewhere when we’ve felt we’re not the right fit for what they’re looking to achieve.

You can also expect us to ask you a hundred and one questions when we first meet you about your goals and your audience, and then use what we learn as our guiding principle in producing the winning content strategy for you.

You can also expect our tried and tested methods to be applied to your campaign.

You can learn more about us in the Team section.


How did we get our name?

We first named the agency, pow. bang. boom. You know, like the sound effects you used to see in old comic books. But, like we said, testing and learning is a vital step in the dark arts of storytelling. We found that people struggled to pronounce the name and that they didn’t really remember it, so we decided we’d come up with something more memorable, and something more aligned with the personality of our agency – a bunch of fun-seeking content creators who are very serious about what they do, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Also, as we work with clients, both internationally and in Austria, it had to work in both German and English.

Thus, we called ourselves, The Wurst Agency.

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