About us

The Wurst Agency was born out of an influencer and magazine that people love.

This is why the audience is at the heart of everything we do.

And this audience-centric approach is what makes us so good at what we do.

The times they are constantly a-changin’ in digital marketing, and we’re a team fully equipped – and excited – to be riding that change on a daily basis.

We’re a passionate pack of people, we work hard for our partners, and we enjoy the science and creativity that effective digital marketing requires.

We challenge companies, and ourselves, to constantly rethink marketing and create content that deserves audiences’ attention.

Don’t work with that person you know. Work with an agency that knows digital marketing.

The Team

We are a media, marketing & tech company built for the new era. We understand audiences through data, research, and social listening. We connect brands with their audiences via original, emotional and
unexpected digital storytelling.

Our fresh & no-schmarrn approach always begins with the audience, and with us honestly answering the question – what will help this client break through the noise and make a memorable impact?


CEO/Creative Director

Former print journalist, reborn digital content creature. 15 years in the content world. Australian in Austria. Has produced content and content strategies for big and small brands.

Oversees strategy and content. He uses an approach when creating content that begins and ends with the human emotion it can inspire. Founder of Vienna Würstelstand.


Chief Operating Officer & Content Strategist

A detail-oriented planner with a branding & communications background who is a pro at optimizing processes and workflows to set the team up for success. She oversees data & analytics and ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget - always including a sharp-looking spreadsheet. A person who enjoys the north and the cold as well as anime, gaming and silly jokes. And probably the only hope for the agency to get an office doggo.


Chief Client Officer & Content Strategist

She studied Political Science, jumped into editorial work for print publications, and has a genuine love for online media and creative writing. Now she's happily ended up in agency life.

She takes care of clients but also likes to hit the keys and create content stories herself. As a digital nomad, she prefers to find them in Italy. When thinking about new content strategies, she loves the music up loud and loves to play table tennis in her coffee breaks.


Head of Social Media

She curates our clients' social media presence and understands their communities. She spends a lot of time with numbers, managing the performance of the many Socials under her care.

Studied Theatre, Film and Media to follow her passion for storytelling in all of its forms. Loves great brand communication. Fascinated by humans. Spends most of her time behind her camera, or at her laptop constantly looking for new ways to tell stories.


Office Allrounder/ Team Assistant

He organises, administers, researches. Sometimes, he also waters the office plants. A millennial. Found his home base in Vienna many years ago with two cats. After a long time in customer service (and brief stops along the way producing print graphics) he's now arrived in the creative agency world. In his free time, he spends far too much time on TikTok and Instagram, where he produces, what he considers, half-funny content.


TikTok Content Creator

She takes care of various TikTok channels, constantly thinks about new content ideas and spends most of her time in front of the camera. The self-proclaimed Viennese threw herself straight into work after studying content production and digital media management. She creates video content of all kinds. She's an old lady in the body of a Gen Zer and spends most of her free time chasing strange cats and cracking the TikTok algorithm.


Assistant to CEO

She provides crucial support to our CEO in the creative process for various agency matters. After completing her studies in London, she established herself in the design industry before joining us. With an eye for detail, she has an excellent sense of the latest trends. Her cat-eye eyeliner is as precise as her attention to detail, and her way of dressing is as dark and sophisticated as the tapioca pearls in her daily bubble tea.


Content Creator

She's either filming, or editing what she's just filmed. She creates visual content in all shapes and sizes & finds herself regularly getting excited about turning fresh and original ideas into reality. She's all about showing people's eyes, ears, and brain a good time.

She studied digital film production but believes strongly in the ‘learn by doing’ approach. She was born and raised in Ukraine, and for some mysterious reason can speak fluent French. Oui oui.

This could be your chair!

Looking for a job? Maybe we've got one for you. Have a little look on our Jobs page if there are any open positions.


Social Media Managerin &Content Creatori

She's got plenty of skills when it comes to video and graphic content production, while audio production is also her thing. She loves to connect with influencers and organise events. If she's not at the agency, you'll most likely find her on stage doing her thing as a Hip-Hop producer and singer. A Viennese with Romanian parents, she comes equipped with plenty of random Balkan jokes and stories from Bucharest to share. Beware: if you get talking to her about music, she'll end up giving you an impassioned PowerPoint presentation.


Social Media Managerin &Content Creatori

Being on camera, behind it or in front of the laptop, she's doing stuff with a love for the detail. With a marketing degree in her pocket, she loves organising shoots and always stays positive. As a Tyrolean, she's still looking for the biggest mountain in Vienna and somebody who understands her dialect. She is still getting over her fav' disbanded boy band (1D forever <3) and likes spending her time in nature.


Content Creator Intern

After more than 10 years in advertising agencies, Alice decided to pivot and focus on content creation. Now, she's a true Vienna Würstelstand-er, constantly thinking of content, ideas, scripts, and camera angles. Alice wishes to be perceived as a 'wildly creative one.' She has a soft spot for opera, poetry, and red lipstick. A Lithuanian with Jewish and Azerbaijani blood, she's determined to become a local in Vienna, or at least, in Viennese coffee shops.

Frequently Asked Questions

The unexpected is what makes good content. The Wurst Agency had an unexpected beginning.

At the end of 2014, Vienna’s English-speaking magazine, Vienna Würstelstand, was launched. Its community quickly grew to 60,000 within just a few years. We can only put its rapid growth down to one thing – the uncompromisingly fresh and quality content the magazine was publishing, and the editorial team’s electrified passion to produce it.

This dedication to publishing only sticky, high quality content led to brands approaching us and asking if we could do the same for them as what we were doing with Vienna Würstelstand – produce content that attracted eyeballs. Thus, The Wurst Agency was born.

Vienna Würstelstand

We work with brave brands that inspire us, and that believe in the same as we do – creative content that resonates authenticity with its audience brings brands closer to the community they’re looking to speak to, and delivers their message in a human way.

We believe emotion and tech are essential ingredients in any worthwhile marketing campaign. We're excited by the new era we live in and speak fluently the cultural conversations of our time. We believe it’s risky to play it safe in these times.

We’ve worked with clients from a mix of industries, from banks, scientific research institutes, tech start-ups to energy drinks and global coffee companies to NGOs.

The client’s size does not influence the size of our commitment and our hard-working ethic.

Feel free to check out our portfolio.

Just take a look at our portfolio.

Our Portfolio

/ Behind every successful marketing campaign and digital experience lie two things: a smart, focused, and target-driven strategy and an emotionally-impactful creative concept.

/ Process-driven collaborative work leads to amazing things happening.

/ In this age where our virtual lives are just as important as our offline lives, brands need to invest sizeable effort and resources into engaging with their customers online if they want to see short- and long-term success.

/ If you’re interested in learning more of the little gold knowledge nuggets we’ve picked up about the content game, you should check out The Wurst Agency Content Magazine.

The Wurst Agency Content Magazine

Honesty and a no-schmarrn approach. We’ve been known to advise potential clients to invest their money elsewhere when we’ve felt we’re not the right fit for what they’re looking to achieve.

You can also expect us to ask you a hundred and one questions when we first meet you about your goals and your audience, and then use what we learn as our guiding principle in producing the winning strategy for you.

You can also expect our tried and tested methods, plus our years of experience, to be applied to your campaign.

With our process-orientated ways of work, we'll make our partnership a seamless experience for all.

You can learn more about us in the Team section above.

"We first named the agency, pow. bang. boom. You know, like the sound effects you used to see in old comic books. But, like we said, testing and learning is a vital step in the dark arts of digital storytelling. We found that people struggled to pronounce the name and that they didn’t really remember it, so we decided we’d come up with something more memorable, and something more aligned with the personality of our agency – a bunch of fun-seeking content creators, strategists, tech and data nerds who are very serious about what they do, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Also, as we work with clients, both internationally and in Austria, it had to work in both German and English.

Thus, we called ourselves, The Wurst Agency (pronounced WORST or WURST). After all, while every agency is claiming to be the 'best,' it takes a group of individuals very confident in what they do to call themselves the 'wurst,' right?"

We believe we’re making entertaining, story-driven content to drive bad ads into extinction.

We challenge companies, and ourselves, to constantly rethink marketing and create content that deserves audiences' attention.

We believe that brands should publish content to promote messages that do social and environmental good.


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