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Scroll-stopping social media marketing for brands in a crowded online world

Social media is as crowded as a mosh pit, and people are spending huge amounts of time in this mosh pit.

This social media mosh pit includes your potential customers, and if you’ve landed here, you’re probably busy trying to get their attention. It isn’t easy.

Countless brands are competing for eyeballs and attention. 

From our years of experience, we know how to direct those eyeballs and attention your way. 

We’ve developed a (not so) secret sauce – understand your audience, produce storytelling content custom-made for that audience, build a brand personality and let the performance numbers be your guide.

If you don’t yet have a social presence, currently manage your profiles in-house, or are looking for a team to take over full management, speak to one of our Social Media Specialists for a FREE analysis.

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Our Social Media services


We’re going to tell you what we tell everybody that approaches us – please, for the love of the Social Media Gods, start with a solid strategy.

A social media strategy will ensure your brand is communicating with the right kind of engaging content that reaches the right people at the right time, on the right channels. It will also save you a lot of wasted budget and time in the long run. 

Whether your goal is to build a community around your brand, generate sales leads, or simply have as many people as possible know about the awesome stuff you’re doing, we’ll work with you to define the strategy to match.

By listening to your business goals, and spending a bunch of time researching your target audience’s behaviour, we’ll customise a solid plan that will deliver the results you’re looking for. 

Content production

We make content that captures eyeballs and ear holes.

Our team of videographers, animators, photographers, illustrators, writers and designers know how to tell engaging bite-sized stories that people want to spend their time with on social media.

Performance Marketing

This is where the scientific data nerds come into play (yes, they do on occasion wear lab coats when at their desks. Because they can).

Performance marketing experts in our team will take your ad objectives, customise audience targeting, monitor and optimise ad campaigns to ensure every bit of budget you spend is going towards fulfilling the goals you set.

Social media advertising is one complex game to play, but our experts get a kick out of it, and have a proven track record of consistently hitting goals for all kinds of clients.

Community management

Engaging with your audience in a language they connect with is one powerful advantage of social media for brands. 

If your brand is still finding its social voice, we’d love to help you find it.

Otherwise, if your brand’s voice is loud and clear, we know our way around tone-of-voice and brand management. 

Check out how we gave the energy drinks brand, Take Off Creatures, a voice that proves to resonate strongly with their audience.

These platforms are our specialty…


We speak TikTok.

Our team of TikTok pros spend their days scrolling the platform and deconstructing what makes posts go viral on the channel. They then put these insights to work when producing TikTok content for a variety of brands. Our performance marketing pros know their way around TikTok’s ad world and have run dozens of successful campaigns to date. Read more on how we specialise in TikTok marketing.


One of the most versatile (and beloved) social platforms of them all, Instagram is still the number one channel for many brands to build invaluable communities and communicate with their target audiences in a very powerful way.


While it gets a lot of criticism, we often warn our clients not to underestimate Facebook. 

Millions of people (including your target audience) consume their content on Facebook daily and the ad targeting is unbeatable, making it one very effective platform to reach your audience on.


Linkedin is the place to get B2B products and services in front of highly targeted audiences. 

It’s also the place where effective employer branding campaigns happen.

Linkedin is the most expensive of all the social media channels to run ads, so it certainly helps to have an experienced partner like us working with you on optimising your Linkedin marketing.


People LOOOOVE video content, and YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing platform.

Our video production team and marketing pros work together to grab the attention of eyeballs and keep it on YouTube.

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