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We help you move your audience with impactful videos.

Your business needs more video content.

As there’s no such thing as having enough when you’re trying to communicate with the modern audience in a language they not only understand, but feel most comfortable with.

Amongst other things, video can stir emotion and say a lot in a little amount of time. This makes it one of the most powerful forms of content marketing. That’s why, clever companies and brands like yourself are regularly creating video content to reach all kinds of marketing goals and audiences.

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At The Wurst Agency, we have a talented team producing video content in all kinds of styles, from animated explainer videos, to story-driven ad spots.

Our signature dish in the video department is creating video content that captures attention across all online platforms, whether it be a short emotionally-charged Youtube video ad, or an even shorter video ad for Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Social video content is the modern poetry of video.

We love the challenge of telling short stories with short videos that have a big impact on the viewer.

Oh, and did we mention we produce videos for all kinds of budgets? Yep, that’s right.

As we understand how much video content companies need to put out into the world on a regular basis to stand out, we’ve found a way to make high-quality videos for an affordable price.

So, what kind of video are we busy making right now?

(yes, we’re talking probably right now)

Brand Image Videos

Show your brand’s personality with an emotionally-charged video that connects with your audience. These kinds of videos make your brand and company lovable. From concepting, scripting, storyboarding and producing, we work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver video content beyond their expectations, quickly and affordably.

Videos for PR & Corporate communications

Showcase your company by sending a video out into the world that reveals the behind the scenes at your company. Whether you’re looking to capture on camera the faces of the people that make up your company in a corporate video, or to create regular video press releases – we’ve got you covered, and we’ll do it for you in a quick and affordable way.

Videos for Performance Marketing

We know the situation well – you need a short and slick video that captures attention along with the message you’re looking to communicate about your product, or service. PLUS you need it to drive numbers, and conversions.

Our performance marketing nerds work closely with our creative and production team to make this all happen in the space of the video content we produce.

We understand that there can’t be any egos or ‘artists’ in the room when a team needs to pull off this magic trick. Effective native video assets for such campaigns only work by drawing on know-how earned from experience, a clever strategy, an understanding of the audiences, and on point creatives.

Videos for Retention & Retargeting Marketing

So you’re looking to reactivate those customers that are already familiar with your company and remind them about how awesome you and your brand are? Got it.

Work with us to put a steady stream of fresh and eye-catching video content in your audiences social media channels. This will get them coming back for more.

Animated Videos

We produce animated videos for businesses looking to create a buzz on social media, or that are simply looking to explain what their service, or product does in the space of a few minutes.

We can elevate whatever idea you’re looking to communicate with our inspiring storytelling, beautiful illustration, and design. We’ll create content that will capture your audience’s attention.

Trust us, we’ve got the WURST team of animators you’ll ever meet, but they make incredibly good animated videos.

Content Marketing & Editorial Videos

The Wurst Agency was born as a magazine and grew into an agency, which means storytelling is flowing in our veins.

Perhaps you’re a brand looking to establish its authority in what it does by producing videos for all your content platforms. No matter the topic, we love packaging even the driest of subjects into packages of irresistible video content.

Branded Video Content

Branded content is the best kind of advertising that’s ever lived. There it is – we’ve said it. We’re big believers in brands positioning themselves and driving awareness through the use of branded video content.

Branded video content is one of the most powerful forms of advertising for modern audiences there is. Audiences love well-made, narrative-rich branded video content that they can see a company has made specifically to offer them some kind of benefit, whether it’s educational, or to give them a laugh. It’s proven to increase engagement, reach and conversion. The content has to work harder as the audience is ultimately watching an ad, and that’s where we come in.

As our team is made up of people with a pure storytelling background from the magazine world alongside a proud crowd from the agency world, we know how to effectively package your brand’s message in irresistible branded video content.

Videos for Employer Branding & Training

Nobody likes a boring training video, and that’s why we don’t make them.

We’re big fans of making sure that every video we produce is made for its intended audience, meaning it informs them in a way they can easily understand, while it also entertains them in a way they can relate. Same goes for all the onboarding, training and safety videos we create.

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