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TikTok is the best place in the social media landscape to be a brand at the moment.

It offers huge reach and valuable new audiences, and it’s an overachiever in all stages of the marketing funnel, including driving sales and conversions.

We’ve made our partners’ tens of thousands in sales on TikTok.

We have a special team that is dedicated to speaking TikTok, and they have a proven track record in guiding many brands to virality on the channel.

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How we can help with your TikTok marketing

Quality TikTok-native content creation

Long before TikTok blew up over the pandemic years, we’ve been creating the kind of short-form videos that earn hundreds of thousands of views on the channel.

Being TikTok natives, we understand the TikTok game and follow the trends daily.

Plus, as an agency that has worked successfully with a variety of brands, we know how to create engaging content that has the messages you want to communicate with your desired audiences packed neatly inside.

We love making content that make brands loveable on TikTok.

Check out how we made Bank Austria go TikTok viral:


@unicreditbankaustria 2×04 Der perfekte Kreis #bankaustria #diebank #banktok #wien @grindig @alisipisi ♬ Originalton – Bank Austria

TikTok influencer marketing

Influencers on TikTok do content differently than those on any other channel. They do it better, producing content that integrates your brand in a highly entertaining way. 

This approach makes for highly effective ad campaigns with maximum impact when done correctly.

We work with a growing network of TikTok influencers on behalf of various brands, in Austria and abroad.

We love playing the surgeon when putting together an influencer campaign concept and strategy that is optimised according to your goals and budget.

Creating engaging video ads

TikTok for Business offers diverse marketing solutions for brands. We’re pros in producing short videos that make for highly effective ads on the channel.

The various ad formats allow for creative and dynamic ad campaigns to be made.

As your partner, we’ll help you navigate the various exciting opportunities that will lead to you and your brand speaking to new audiences in a way they love and inspire them to engage.

Why work with us for your TikTok channel?

We understand the audience you’re trying to speak to on TikTok.

With our audience-centric approach, our in-house TikTok ad pros, and our creators we’ll develop and implement the strategy that is right for you, your goals, your budget, AND your desired audience.


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