The Wurst Agency presents (insert drum roll here) the Wurst Austrian content of the week! OK, it’s actually the best, not the wurst. 

Anyways, on a weekly basis, we’ll be cherrypicking the best of Austrian content published over the past week and serving it up to you so you can keep up to date on what kind of content is moving people in Austria online. 

Did you know that Expressionism and the style of cartoons have a lot in common? Neither did we! Learn some cool, fun facts about art history on Belvedere’s TikTok channel.


What’s your favorite Schiele artwork? #BelvedereTok #BelvedereMuseum #learnontiktok #artistsoftiktok #arthistorytiktok #Museum #Vienna

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Okay yeah, we did say we’re showing you the best content here, not the “Wurst”, but… just look for yourself.


Mampf! 🐝 @lugners_tierchen

♬ Originalton – lugner_city


We guess… it’s Austrian humor?


Okay this one’s a bit older, but: When do you have the chance to see the mayor cutting Döner meat? “Bürgermeister becoming Dönermeister” – we love it. 


@Michael Ludwig es war eine Ehre Sie bei uns zu haben 🤎 #ferhatdöner #fyp #wien #viral

♬ Paro – Speed Up TikTok – Nej’


Ever wondered how Austrian dads are like when barbecuing? That’s exactly how.


DEN HALLOUMI FINDST NIE WIEDER #väter #österreich #grillen #fürdich #fyp

♬ original sound – palffi


It’s okay, you’re not alone with this…


#bestfriends #freunde #comedy

♬ Originalton – Leyla 🪷


It can’t really get more relatable… What’s the best note you’ve ever gotten from your neighbours?


And last but not least: Another hack for saving money during the cold winter months.



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