Note: this text was written with the assistance of AI. 

Whether at lunchtime, in brainstorming sessions or when writing a blog post (*cough*), artificial intelligence is already part of many marketing teams in Austria. 

It is expected that AI’s role in agency’s will grow exponentially from this point onwards. This is exactly why we’ve been cranking up the brain synapses to imagine what a half-human, half-AI digital marketing team might look like in the near future. 


Copywriters & Graphic designers just got an assistant in the form of AI

The copywriters of the future will have new ideas for their copy generated within a few clicks. 

They’ll only have to dictate to tools like ChatGPT a description of the contents they’re looking for, the right tone of voice, sprinkle in some of their very own pzazz and humour, and give the copy an edit.

Graphic designers and illustrators are already using tools such as Dall-E and Midjourney to generate inspiration and visual elements for whatever they’re working on. Creative directors are using AI to solve any creative constipation they may be experiencing. 

The artisanal hand of all of these human players will still be needed for years to come. AI has a long way to go in creating truly original concepts, but we would be kidding ourselves not to believe this time is fast approaching. 


Trends for breakfast, perfectly prepared by AI

Thanks to AI, the agency is becoming more efficient than ever in understanding the audiences they’re looking to communicate with, and the trends that they surf. 

AI will gather and analyse vast quantities of data lifted from vast swaths of online landscapes to deliver findings of the patterns and trends that are moving people at any given moment. 

Agency creatives will be able to start every day with their fingers firmly on their audience’s pulse.


AI will take care of your performance marketing, optimising and managing ad campaigns

While AI still is developing its creative skills, one area where it already excels is when it comes to the numbers game, making it the perfect assistant for performance marketers. 

In the marketing agency of the very near future, a new team member named AI will optimise, and manage ads wherever your current campaigns require them to be – LinkedIn, TikTok, Google, Facebook (ok, well, maybe that channel will be officially buried by then, but let’s see – Meta has money to make new things happen. Wait, let’s ask ChatGPT what it predicts for Facebook’s future: 

‘ Facebook will continue to exist in the future, albeit possibly in different forms, as they have become an integral part of modern communication and information dissemination.’ – ChatGPT

Look at you ChatGPT, using fancy words like ‘albeit.’

AI will be an extremely efficient learner of who your target groups are and will be able to engineer your ads to accurately reach them.

Performance marketing people will be the conductors of AI ad managers (and in many agencies this is already the case).


AI and human powered brainstorming sessions

Those who have used ChatGPT already know what it’s like to bounce ideas around with AI. This kind of AI-assisted brainstorming will make coming up with ideas a much more efficient and dynamic process than a circle of humans sitting around trying to sync their brains and maintain enough focus to spit out some worthy ideas together.

The latter certainly sounds like a lot more fun, however. 


Finally, the death of countless Excel sheets. Maybe…ok, we hope.

For the people inhabiting the matrix of Excel sheets on a daily basis, a new champion is stepping into the ring. 

The number universe is like a home game for AI.  It can analyze data in real-time and create benchmarks against the competition. 

This will mean agencies will be able to track social media data in no time at all, and no more Googling for the Excel formula you need.  


AI provides the ingredients, the agency team will NEED to become gourmet chefs to do the cooking

Unless we’re doing something tragically wrong, AI assistance in agency life will up the game in terms of the output. Cleverer campaign concepts, better looking visuals and content experiences. 

The audience will also become accustomed to higher standards of content and creatives that companies send their way, so those who fail to swim will drown.

With greater understanding of the audiences, agency humans will be creating more accurately for their audience in a personalised way. 

So the way we see it is, is that artificial intelligence will be responsible for pulling together all the ingredients needed for an agency’s team to cook a gourmet dinner for their client’s audiences.

And this will leave us humans more time for the essentials: developing strategies, creating and optimizing sophisticated and effective content.


People will continue to create for people

With every new tech trend, there’s always a counter culture. We don’t doubt that humans will forever crave human-made content. 

This point aside, it will be essential that all marketing teams keep up with the latest AI technology. 

If used wisely, the technology will take over many mundane processes and save a lot of time and money. 

However, it will not replace people. 

Creative people are now faced with the challenge of finding a way to become one with AI. To embrace the change it will bring and harness it to create content that more deserves our audiences attention.


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