As TikTok’s popularity continues to rise, especially among younger audiences, it’s no surprise that banks are looking for ways to jump on this wave.  

With our partner Bank Austria, us at The Wurst Agency have taken a unique approach to reaching their young target audience by developing a TikTok sitcom (kinda’ like a bootleg version of The Office). 

And Die Bank series is proving a hit. 

It’s organically grown a 20k+ cult-like community on the channel in the matter of months, with many posts hitting viral numbers of hundreds of thousands in views. 

Die Bank TikTok sitcom follows the lives of two fictional bank employees, Frau Reiter and Herr Holzer, as they navigate the day-to-day life at the bank. Meanwhile, they jump on TikTok trends in their own (clearing of the throat) bank-y kind of way. 

The result is a golden example of storytelling in marketing that appeals to the young target audiences. 

Concrete conversions and very positive engagement with the brand in the comments has proven that the bank is effectively marketing to young people in a way that feels organic, not overly salesy, and via content that deserves their audience’s attention. 

A spin-off campaign was also developed from Die Bank TikTok sitcom which saw the main characters designing bank merch’ (An Excel spreadsheet is the main motif). They’re giving away a hoodie, tote bag or sweat band – that would make any fan of the geek look proud – with every new youth account opened. This has driven significant conversions among new customers. 

A bank producing a sitcom and merch’ may sound bizarre and random, but this is exactly what digital marketing – and advertising, in general – needs to be in 2023 – unexpected. 

Audience’s are now officially allergic to being blatantly sold to by brands in their social media spaces.  

Brands have to be more creative than ever in creating unexpected experiences for the audiences they’re looking to connect with.


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