Podcast Production

Podcast marketing has become one of the most impactful ways to engage with, and activate, an audience. And it’s on the rise in Austria. 

Podcasts are unique in how they intimately connect with young and tech-savvy audiences. 

Brands can hyper target niche audiences who are extremely loyal, and trust the information they get out of the podcasts they love. 

Plus, as podcasts are so effective in converting audiences into customers, they have a proven track record in delivering a very healthy return on a marketing investment. 

We know how to make podcasts that audiences love – the fact that one of our in-house podcasts was amongst the top 20 podcasts in Austria within a year of launch is proof of this.

With our high-quality audio content production services and marketing expertise, we’ll make sure your podcast stands out in a crowded digital landscape. 

We offer all things podcast production & marketing:

We’ll take your goals, take time to understand your audience, and develop an insight-backed strategy that will optimise your podcast’s chances for success.

And that very success is heavily reliant on the highly original creative concept that aligns with your goals and captivates your target audience, which we will develop for you too.

From planning, to producing the raw recording to polishing and cutting the audio content into an episode – complete with jingles, of course – that’s ready for distribution and bingeing by your audience – we offer it all when it comes to podcast production.

We offer consulting on how to leverage podcast marketing, while we also offer the various other services that come with running a successful podcast, including vodcast production, audio content management, community growth etc.


The Wurst Guide to Living in Austria

Within 10 months of launching, The Wurst Guide to Living in Austria podcast was voted as one of the top 20 podcasts in Austria by the country’s largest radio station, Ö3. With an audience growth rate of 400% per month, we can safely say we’ve created a podcast the intended audience loves. 

Spar Podcast Season 2 “Ausgesprochen Frisch”

Spar commissioned our creative heads to develop several fresh and original concepts for an already existing employer branding podcast targeting current and potential employees as listeners.

Spar adopted one of the concepts and put it into production to great success. The chosen concept, with a strong storytelling element, saw media personality, Andi Knoll, interviewing Spar employees about what he finds in their shopping trolley.


BAM! Podcast by Bank Austria

Bank Austria commissioned us to come up with a concept, and produce, a spin-off podcast from their online magazine, BAM! This led to the birth of the popular podcast series, ‘Und, wie woas?’ which saw a variety of online influencers sit down in the studio and chat about what it was like growing up in Austria.


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