Pinterest has been around for a while now, but it seems that it’s also one of the most neglected “social” platforms here in Austria when it comes to brands.

If you or your company is selling something, you can’t afford to ignore Pinterest – it’s that simple and it’s that promising as a channel.

Here’s 9 reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate Pinterest in your content marketing strategy:

1. It’s a great visual touchpoint with your potential audience

Pinterest is a visual search engine (Insert kitschy reference about a picture speaking more than a thousand words, here). This is why Pinterest is a great channel to let your product – or whatever it is that you want your audience to engage with – speak for itself.


2. It offers all sizes of businesses a unique way to market themselves

It’s a great budget-friendly platform for exposing new potential customers to your brand . Unlike many other social channels where brand’s spend their time and money (*cough* Instagram *cough*) it doesn’t need big advertising budgets pumped into ads to grow your presence on the platform. All you need is to produce eye-popping visuals that will get you and your brand noticed.


3. It’s (relatively) easy to create eye-catching content for this platform.

Even if you think you don’t have any content that would work on Pinterest, assure you that you do.

Consider this as an example – you’re only publishing one blog post per month on your website? With this post, you can repurpose its content and create at least 4 Pinterest pins out of it.

And then if you throw in some animated elements (which there are a heap of tools and apps to do for you) and you’ve got yourself a Story Pin.

Plus, you could use one of our 101 free & fresh content ideas – adapt it to your brand and create content from it for your Pinterest board.

The great thing is in this age of powerful design apps and software, you don’t even need to be a graphic designer (sorry to all of you graphic designers out there – we do still need you for a bunch of other stuff!). There’s plenty of fairly budget-friendly, or even free, online platforms that, combined with an eye for pretty things, will help you produce eye-popping pins. Our fave: Canva!


4. People are very, very likely to buy your products because of the purchase intent of users on the platform

People come to Pinterest with a plan in mind, and they typically know what they’re looking for on the platform.

They’re not just scrolling (mindlessly) through video after video or image after image.

Amongst other things, Pinterest is where people look for (shopping) inspiration. According to a survey conducted by Pinterest, 9 in 10 weekly Pinners use the platform for inspiration when they are looking to make a purchase.

Users come with a future-focused mindset which makes the platform such a valuable content marketing channel.


5. Users are not set on a brand when interacting with the platform

97% of the top searches on the platform are with no mention of a brand.

This means users arrive on Pinterest with an open mind regarding what brands they’ll interact with there.

This is the optimal space for you to introduce your brand to potential unbiased customers.


6. You can tap into a market of 17 million users (and growing) in the DACH-region alone

When you look at the reach potential in Pinterest’s ad manager, it tells you that you have a potential target group size of over 15 million people in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

And if you’re trying to reach a worldwide audience, you’ll have more than 400 million weekly active users to communicate with.

The popularity of Pinterest has also seen a huge spike in recent years, and it doesn’t look like this spike will be stopping anytime soon.

7. It’s where you’ll find Gen Z

Wait, what?! You thought Gen Z were only hanging out on TikTok these days? Well, it’s not all about TikTok for Gen Z these days (Admittedly, TikTok is still THE go-to platform for brands to reach Gen Z, but not every brand has the resources yet to build a presence on this platform).

In 2020, the number of Gen Zers active on Pinterest grew by 40%, year upon year.

According to Pinterest, Gen Z is among the two fastest growing audiences on the platform.

8. Users come with a positive mindset and can positively connect with your brand

According to a Pinterest report from 2020, their research shows that “positive online environments have a halo effect on the brands that show up there”.

Pinterest users have reported that the platform makes them feel positive. This positive online environment translates to better results for your brand as well – People are more likely to feel positive about your brand, plus they will also remember and trust your brand as it’s regularly showing up in a positive place.


9. It’s a brilliant website traffic driver

Your pins circulate on the Pinterest platform endlessly based on users search terms, and most pins have a link attached to them which lead to the relevant landing page. This means that if you’re pinning strategically and regularly,  Pinterest will become a strong organic traffic driver for you and your brand.


As many brands ignore the potential of Pinterest (as is the case in 2021), now is the time to grow your presence there. 

If you’re still not sold on upping your Pinterest game, or you need some help in building your presence on the platform, send us a message below. 



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