And no, not only because it’s a whole lot of fun. If you’re a marketing pro, a CEO, or somebody simply wondering if TikTok is an absolute must for your business in 2022 – it is, and here’s 6 reasons why:


#1 On TikTok, organically generating reach and getting eyes on content from your brand is incredibly easy in 2022 compared to other social media apps.

Growing an audience is also an easy task if you do things right (disclaimer: if you follow the best practices outlined in our free e-book, The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to TikTok). This means you can expose your business to thousands of potential new customers in a budget requiring only high costs in creativity.


#2 TikTok may likely go the way Instagram and Facebook have gone – engineering their platform so that organic reach is impossible and that nearly all reach costs cash. 

You can pay for reach now on TikTok, but it costs a fraction of what it does on the veteran social media channels. Plus, TikTok pushes content that audiences find to be quality. Organic reach for brands is almost non-existent now in the world of Facebook and Instagram. Quality content is not rewarded. The only thing that moves content on these channels for brands is advertising budget. On TikTok, this is not yet the case. Hopefully it never will be, however, history tells us it’s very possibly could go this way.


#3 No doubt the TikTok audience is exactly the young audience you’re looking to communicate with.

You can learn more about the TikTok audience in our free e-book, ‘The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to TikTok’.


#4 The TikTok community and brands get along very, very well on the channel, meaning it’s a great platform to make your brand loveable. 

More on how you can make your brand loveable amongst audience on TikTok can be read up on in our free e-book, ‘The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to TikTok’.

#5 TikTok is an interest-based algorithm, meaning you’ll be reaching exactly the kinds of people that are interested in whatever your business is offering

TikTok runs mainly on the content graph and not on the social graph. This means, if your content is on point, relevant and of good quality, you can expect your content to be shared and viewed by a mass audience, whether you’re a big or small brand. Even the first post you publish can go viral! Yep, your follower count is not the overarching factor that defines how many TikTok users see your content. 

More things you should know about the TikTok algorithm in our free e-book, ‘The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to TikTok’.


#6 If you’re not on TikTok, you’re missing out on sales. 

We have the concrete proof via our work with brand partners that TikTok sells. 

With its very business-friendly approach, TikTok is a great place to run ads and sell products and services. It has proven to lift brands, increasing sales, brand favorability and brand preference. 

We’ve got a step-by-step guide on how you can launch a TikTok channel that will highly likely be successful from the very first post in our free e-book, ‘The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to TikTok’.


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