We’ll be breaking this series down in the first ever episode of Content Deconstructed. In this series, we take quality content, put it under the spotlight and try to work out why it’s so damn sticky.

In case you want to skip the video and read it rather than watch it…

1. Surprise your audience by including odd and unexpected combinations in your content. Challenge the norm’

Tiger King does this in a variety of ways, Take it’s main character, Joe Exotic, for example – he defies all stereotypes and can’t be put in a box. He’s a gun-wielding gay redneck who loves blowing stuff up, but he wears glittery shirts, isn’t afraid to cry on camera. Oh, and then there’s that mullet!

Also, the shocking scenes of seeing wild cats being domesticated in this series is another example of where you’re mind is going – ‘ummmm, what?!’


2. Make your content real, authentic and relatable (not to mention original)

While the characters in Tiger King may seem unbelievable, they’re some of the most genuine and most authentic characters in the human race. Unashamedly so. That’s the beauty of them and the Tiger King story. That’s right, Joe Exotic is your new norm’ when it comes to measuring what’s authentic and real.

One tip on achieving this ‘real life’ flavour to your content is to not just create your content while holed up in an office somewhere. Get out there, find real stories and have them inspire your content.


3. Understand internet jokes (aka. memes) – use them, hijack them and try to create them

Hundreds of memes have been made about the Tiger King and they’re still be churned out by the day. If you manage to tap into the kind of humour that makes memes fly, than go forth and conquer many people’s hearts (while making them laugh and love your content).

Nevertheless, we admit, this isn’t easy, so what we also recommend is that you start taking a particular interest in memes and be sure to understand them. This will make sure you’re a relevant voice in the conversation on the internet. You should also try to use trending memes in your content – this will automatically put you into the crowd that ‘get it,’ whatever ‘it’ is.


4. Become sensitive to when it’s the right time to publish the right kind of content

Of course Netflix didn’t plan to be releasing a show like the Tiger King while half the world is locked up inside their homes, because of a pandemic floating around outside, but it certainly helped with the viral success of the show.

But this wasn’t the only thing that helped.

Making sure you publish your content at the right time is a defining factor in whether it will fly far and wide across the internet, or if it will end up just being read by your mum.

However, what’s just as important – make sure you match the kind of content you’re publishing with the right timing. Tiger King is about a bizarre story which was released during an equally bizarre time in history. It was also the perfect kind of escapism content released at a time when everybody is having a burning need to escape.


5. Make content all the time. About anything and everything. Yes, everything.

Believe it or not, Joe Exotic himself was practising one of the true strengths of good content creators (whether he knew it, or not) – he was documenting everything, creating content about everything.

A well known content producer who knows a thing or two about the content game would agree with Mr Exotic’s approach:

‘The biggest thing I can tell you is that you have to make as much content as possible’

‘Document. Don’t create content’

– Gary Vaynerchuck


6. Include mullets in your content

Ok, mullets are still horrifically wrong, however, because of this series and the upcoming movie based on the same story, this grotesque hairstyle may make a comeback.

So, until further notice, be sure to include characters with long, luscious mullets.



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