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3 things you need to know about us:

Firstly, we’re a new kind of content marketing agency…

prepared for the fast-changing digital times. We know how to translate your message into content that speaks the language your audience understands & relates to.

We’re more flexible, digitally-savvy, and bolder than the others.


Secondly – we’re boutique, but big

We’re a flexible team of easy-going communication & content experts with years of experience, in Austria & abroad.

Our core team work with a vast network of trusted & talented freelancers. We’ll build a team specifically for your project.


Thirdly – our approach is ‘no-schmarrn’

We are like our content – honest and relatable.

In our experience, honesty & openness has always led to us getting quicker to creating bold and beautiful things, so that’s how we operate. We’re straightforward, business-minded and completely transparent when it comes to costs and timings.

Meet the core team…



Creative director /
Head storyteller

Former print journalist, reborn digital content creature. 15 years in the content world. Australian in Austria. Has produced content and content strategies for big and small brands.

Oversees strategy and content. He uses an approach when creating content that begins and ends with the human emotion it can inspire. Founder of Vienna Würstelstand.


Digital marketer /
Content strategist

She makes sure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and on scope. She also oversees data, analytics and SEO.

Escaped country life via England, Denmark and Russia, but then ended up in Vienna again. Has a great passion for creative writing & brand communication in the realms of the media & marketing industries.


Content creator /
Project manager

Copywriter, content creator. Manages BAM! magazine for Bank Austria, amongst many other fun content-driven projects.

"Ah Zuagroaste" from Salzburg. Studied fashion design & communication science. Often found in surf camps. Loves french fries and plants, but tends to kill them. The plants that is, not the french fries.


Social Media Manager

She curates our clients' social media presence and understands their communities. She spends a lot of time with numbers, managing the performance of the many Socials under her care.

Studied Theatre, Film and Media to follow her passion for storytelling in all of its forms. Loves great brand communication. Fascinated by humans. Spends most of her time behind her camera, or at her laptop constantly looking for new ways to tell stories.


Videographer /

Camera operator, cutter, and photographer. Spends most of his time behind a camera. Either stringing moving images together, or hiding away in a studio playing with light and shadow on models.

Hailing from Carinthia. He’s a artist in his other life, painting whatever comes to mind.

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