Influencer Marketing

We combine the strategic minds created in an agency experienced working with brands, with a network of talented creators and influencers.

This is what ensures every influencer marketing campaign we carry out on your behalf will provide the impact you’re looking for. 

We love match-making, talented creators, and clients, together in the name of original and bold campaign concepts. From our experience, this is when special things happen.

We offer a fully-customised approach to each client’s campaign. We’ll help you reach your goals in the following ways:

Influencer marketing campaign strategy/ concept

Effective influencer marketing campaigns are built on clever strategies. The strategies we design have proven themselves to help audiences discover brands and build emotional connections that drive consumer behaviour.

Whether you’re playing the long-term game with your influencer marketing or looking to create an impact with a specific campaign, we’re the partner you need.

The Micro TikTok Creator partnership program

There are many influencer agencies out there managing the big influencers. We specialise in managing the passionate and talented creators that are on their way up – also named on some occasions as micro-influencers. We believe this is where the real potential lies for impactful campaigns.

These talented creators are given a fixed position at our agency as content creators, where they receive further training and insider knowledge on how to continue to grow their careers as TikTok creators.

While they’re with us, we also take care of securing their brand partnerships and managing their campaigns.

We ensure the campaign experience for all – creator and customer – is seamless, and professional, and ends in everybody happy.

Influencer campaign management

Our experienced team will be with you from the beginning, where we manually select and validate the right influencer creators for your campaign, to the end when we’ll deliver best-in-class performance reporting. For everything in between, we’ll be managing and optimising your campaign from every angle.

Doing influencer marketing right is a complex operation.

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